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Southall Sage

With the launch of his new recruitment company, Oliver was looking to combine contemporary and traditional elements within his brand identity to appeal to a broad range of potential clients


Brand identity


Logo, colour palette, brand guidelines document, web/social assets, brochure

CCC_Portfolio_Southall Sage_01.jpg

We eliminated the need for a motif by choosing contrasting serif and sans-serif typefaces to create the look Oliver sought.

He requested that one of the colours within his brand palette be a shade of green, reflective of 'Sage' within his business name. We selected a palette of deep, rich tones to reflect the nature of chemicals (the industry in which Southall Sage is a specialist recruiter), and to differentiate Oliver from his competition, we used the tones in a custom gradient.

After ironing out Southall Sage's logo and colour palette, we progressed to creating a cohesive brand guidelines document. This informed the design and build of the new company's website.

We were also asked to create a company brochure, as well as web assets to enhance the brand's online presence.

Southall Sage's new branding helped them enter into the recruitment sector boldly, commanding attention with a slick identity and carefully considered client touchpoints.

CCC_Portfolio_Southall Sage_02.png
CCC_Portfolio_Southall Sage_05.png
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