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Ruddy Paws

With the imminent launch of a new puppy training service for the people of a small Nottinghamshire town, our client was keen to get the ball rolling and work with us to develop a brand identity reflective of her personality.


Brand identity


Logo, colour palette, brand guidelines document

CCC_Portfolio_Ruddy Paws_01.jpg

Ruddy Paws' owner looked to independent brands for visual inspiration for her new start-up's branding, but needed help combining this with a professional look - and an injection of her personality.

We opted for bespoke illustrations that incorporated canine themes, as well as a particular breed that was reminiscent of a dog that our client grew up with. We proposed a bright colour palette for a memorable identity.

CCC_Portfolio_Ruddy Paws_05.jpg
CCC_Portfolio_Ruddy Paws_04.jpg

Our client asked that we avoid adding blue to her brand palette, as this was already a popular colour with local competition.

The forest green tone is reminiscent of Nottinghamshire's green surroundings, and offers a significant contrast to the feminine pink for a fun, youthful approach.

CCC_Portfolio_Ruddy Paws.png
CCC_Portfolio_Ruddy Paws_02.jpg
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