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After working with a number Marshalls divisions so successfully since the launch of CC Creative, we were asked to design a new-look brochure for the Civils and Drainage branch of the business, focussing on their Water Management product range.


Print design


Promotional material, brochure


Differing to the more aesthetically-pleasing products of some of the other Marshalls business divisions, Marshalls Civils and Drainage offer a range of sustainable, concrete-based water management solutions that are often difficult to make seem visually appealing.


With the Marshalls brand being a market leader in the construction industry, it was pivotal that the finished brochure conveyed the knowledge and experience that the C&D team possess, whilst also keeping in line with the overarching brand aesthetic.


With the Marshalls name being so iconic, a series of strict brand guidelines were in place from the off. This meant a strong cohesion with promotional assets from other Marshalls divisions, critical to maintain brand awareness and association amongst potential customers.

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