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In the run-up to Black Friday 2022, launched their brand new sofas as well as a range of luxury silk gifts. Set to be an exceptionally busy period for this online retailer, DUSK looked to CC Creative to provide some punchy digital ads and gain cut-through in the busy world of retail during the festive season.


Digital advertising


Paid social creative, organic social creative, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, reel competition creative


We were keen to maintain a sense of cohesion between the digital ads and the latest suite of print ads that we'd created for the brand (above), by carefully considering font pairings and image use.

To increase brand awareness, we developed a skippable YouTube ad with a focus on key brand elements.

It was also imperative to give each separate campaign its own personality, to differentiate between the various brand offers across the season. For the luxury silk assets, we made the cut-out product shots the hero throughout, enhanced by pastel block colour backgrounds - perfect for carousel advertising.


When it comes to collaborations with other brands, it can often be difficult to strike the balance right visually. And when it comes to collborating with several, this can seem like a daunting task to achieve!

By opting for strong product photography, simple white text and all-white versions of brand logos, we were able to keep DUSK's Ultimate Night In Giveaway reel punchy. The competition gained huge traction with a record number of entries across each of the brands' Instagram profiles, illustrating how simple and effective the application of good photography can be.

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